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Submission Guidelines

Types of Submissions


Political Geography Piece: A political geography piece is a personal analysis of your country's politics. Who is in power? Which political parties are challenging your government, and what ideas are at the center of their platforms? How does history, culture, and economics play a role in shaping your country's current political moment? Amidst all of these competing elements, how do your country's politics affect you personally?


News Piece

A news piece provides a summary of a recent political event. What happened? Where were you personally when the event occurred? What is the historical context leading up to the event, and how will it affect your country's politics going forward?

Ideas Piece:

This category is purposefully broad, a space for proposing solutions to the world's most pressing problems.


  • Refugee Crises: a section dedicated to amplifying the stories of refugees and internally displaced persons.

  • Global Warming: a section dedicated to experiences of those suffering the first-hand effects of global warming.

  • The Rise of the Alt-Right: a section dedicated to analyzing the rise of the alt-right in western society.

  • Terrorism: a section dedicated to amplifying the voices of those experiencing acts of terror on the ground.

  • War and Conflict: a section dedicated to amplifying the voices of those affected by war and conflict.

  • Photos: a section dedicated to publishing photo essays.

  • Art: a section dedicated to publishing political art, including street art, paintings, short films and documentaries. 

If I am an activist, academic, or foreign policy practitioner, can I still submit?

We hope to create a space that brings together readers and writers from all walks of life. Thus, we celebrate the possibility of placing the stories of people experiencing events on the ground alongside the commentary of high-level academics and policymakers. Everyone is welcome to submit.


Can I Link My Own Fundraiser, Project, or Charity?


We encourage collaboration and support in all forms through this platform. Whether you’re hoping to raise money for an important cause, or highlight a specific project you’re passionate about, don’t hesitate to link it at the bottom of your piece. 

Who Will See My Work?

Although the journal was founded in New York City, it has quickly become a global platform. Our readership consists of young people from all seven continents, in addition to a growing network of young activists, writers, humanitarians, and political leaders operating globally. 


Anything Else I Should Know Before Submitting?

To begin each piece, we hope you will share a little bit about yourself—your name and age, where you live, and some of your interests. In addition, we hope that you will attach a picture that you have taken which you feel sums up the essence of your piece, conveys a message you believe people should hear, or shines a light on an issue that is being underreported. After all, a picture contains a thousand words.

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